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The chart below is a generalized map of the Lake Erie north coast destinations of Catawba, Port Clinton, Lakeside, Marblehead, Bay View, Sandusky, and the Island areas of Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) and Kelleys Island. For those vacationing along the south shore of Lake Erie, our printed magazine provides an index and map locator guide for area venues including restaurants, shopping, lodging, fishing, entertainment and attractions.

Vacation Map of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay

Our printed issue is distributed from Memorial
Day to Labor Day and can be found at area
hotels, businesses, attractions, grocery & retail stores, all ferry docks, the Visitors' Center and along the Ohio Turnpike.

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  1. African Wildlife Safari Park – Port Clinton
  2. Avery's Cafe - Marblehead
  3. Bergman Orchards –Rt. 269 in Marblehead
  4. Bergman Orchards – Rt. 53 in Port Clinton
  5. Big Boppers –Marblehead
  6. Bruno's Pizza – Marblehead
  7. Cheesehaven –Port Clinton
  8. Cleats Club Seat Grille – Marblehead
  9. Clinton Inn – Port Clinton
  10. Crabby Joes – Marblehead
  11. Crow's Nest –Marblehead
  12. Dianna's Deli - Port Clinton
  13. Heineman's Winery - Put-in-Bay
  14. Jet Express Docks – Port Clinton, PIB, & Sandusky
  15. JT's Catawba Cafe – Port Clinton on Catawba Island
  16. Kelleys Island Ferry Dock – Marblehead
  17. Liberty Aviation Museum – Port Clinton
  18. Marblehead Penninsula Chamber – area visitor info racks
  19. Marblehead Galley & Freighter's Lounge – Marblehead
  20. Miller Ferry Dock – Port Cliton on Catawba Island
  21. Mon Ami Winery - Port Clinton on Catwaba Island
  22. Mutach's Market – Marblehead
  23. Sleep Inn – Port Clinton
  24. The Watering Hole at Monsoon Lagoon – Port Clinton
  25. Tippers at The Beer Barrel – Put-in-Bay
  26. Toft's Ice Cream - Port Clinton (in Basset's Plaza)
  27. Wal-Mart – Port Clinton
  28. Waldo Peppers – Port Clinton (in Basset's Plaza)

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